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The ‘Gauditeam’

The word ‘Gaudi’ derives from the Latin word ‘gaudium’ and means having fun. Nowadays round here it is used to describe a very pleasant and amusing situation. So ‘Gauditeam’ was the obvious choice for us. Anyone who has seen us knows that having fun and being in a good mood is our motto. Our young, dynamic, good-humoured and well qualified team celebrates in winter 2015 its 20- year anniversary and 2 decades of ‘Gaudi’ with our beloved guests. We stand for quality, local regional products and kindness. During winter months our 13 employees work in the Breiteben restaurant and in the Bockstodl après-ski bar. Over the summer season in the Fiechter cabin there are nine of us working. Cracking jokes with a big smile on our face, we look forward to welcoming you!

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Super Team

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Macht einfach so weider Güße an
alle die uns kennen.
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